Why create a GoodChain Token?

GoodChain allows brands to give every product a unique digital identity on the blockchain to enable meaningful engagement with the people that buy those products. Interaction with product identifiers revealing product provenance is incentivised by awarding ImpactPoints. These ImpactPoints are donated to social causes designated by brands in a loyalty program. Causes then report the impact that donations had for their organisation, within the system, giving everyone direct confirmation of where donations went, how they were used, and when they were used. The GoodChain token is the singular tool for facilitating funding transfer, in and out of this system.

Product Provenance and Social Impact:

The GoodChain Token

GoodChain Token
Type :
GCT (to be confirmed)
General release:
1,000,000,000 GCT

Why the GoodChain?

GoodChain will provide a product provenance and social impact solution based on proven technologies and an open source model. The combined capabilities of the founding companies, ScanTrust and BigchainDB - market access, supply chain SaaS know-how, thought leadership and expertise in the blockchain space, as well as the ability to deliver solutions to large multinational clients (MNCs) - will be the foundation for GoodChain to drive long-term growth. That said, the GoodChain ecosystem is open and does not rely on any one technology service provider, neither does it only benefit single group of worthy causes. This is a flexible system built to work with existing technologies as much as it aims to inspire the use and creation of new ones.


  • Token: GoodChain Token (GCT) is based on Ethereum ERC20 smart contract.
  • Utility of the Token: GCT can be used on the GoodChain platform to store unique product information and pledge funds to social causes in the form of ImpactPoints. These ImpactPoints are accumulated by consumers, donated to causes, and saved for rewards. Causes then convert these ImpactPoints back into GCT to be sold on a listed exchange.
  • Founding Team: ScanTrust SA (patented secure QR codes & supply chain traceability software), BigchainDB GmbH (blockchain expertise & thought leadership)
    • Our seasoned, complementary founding members have a proven track record with blockchain technology, developing scalable, interoperable software platform, and anti-counterfeiting/mobile authentication solution.
    • Our experienced advisors are providing valuable insight and guidance on FMCG brands, supply chain operations, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, impact investing, and the legal and regulatory environment.
  • Token support group: https://t.me/GoodChainOfficial
  • Tokens Accepted: ETH (private and public sale), BTC (public sale only)
  • Public Sales Method: Whitelisting
  • Trading after Token Sale: Exchange listing
  • Start of Private Sale (w/Bonuses): September 2018
  • Start of Public Sale: 1H 2019
Some facts

Token Distribution

Amount of tokens 1,000,000,000 (1B):
25% Token Sale
20% Founding Team & Advisors
20% Ecosystem Development
30% Reserve Tokens
5% Bonus token for early buyers